August 25, 2012



Let the wall speak by itself

Keep Supporting

Debra being busy

She's been working hard through different projects and there are still more to come :)! Keep checkin her blog for more info

April 28, 2012

Sketchin around



dont worry!! we are still sketching and scribbling around, another old sketches to show!

April 7, 2012

NYLON (Singapore) April Issue, 2012

if you guys check it out, Nylon Singapore is featuring Debra's works of her recent Extreme Beauty Exhibition. So while you still can, grab a copy :)

"The exhibition takes a lighter turn with Ohio-born, Jakarta-bred, Singapore-taught Debra Raymond's wicked parodies of the fashion industry. Both cartoonish and grisly, her illustrated covers of titles like 'Vague' and 'Bizzare' feature emaciated 'models' and their exposed viscera."

Drop by to her BLOG to know more about her recent works!

April 3, 2012

Newone (CADAS. ZNC) Hittin it hard!!

with Fleep at The Blackbook
 Nafa session
 Over KL
Roots Exhibition 

another outstanding works from Newone!!! He definitely pushin it!! Keep cheerin for him and keep following him through his blog, people!

March 31, 2012


 Click image for bigger size

While Abang and Newone were back in town, Base spotted a fresh wall near his house. After finally catching up with everyone, we decided to hit this fresh wall before 2012. 

Graffiti World

One of the ways to spread the love. So share your work over HERE (created by Sirum)